The Beginning of Guardian Security Solutions – 2/1/2016

The premise for Guardian Security Solutions was born in late 2014. I had been discussing at length with a group of private security professionals from different fields and hearing their increasing needs for well trained and professional security staff. Their thoughts on their current security personnel and the quality of services they provided ranged anywhere from “outstanding service” to “very sub par performance”.

Therefore the ability to provide quality non bias security assessments/evaluations came into play. Many businesses/property management companies usually have contracts with large and nationally known security companies ( Allied Barton, Securitas, G4S, etc) These companies usually sign contracts with property management companies for 1-2 years or until their contract expires.

The need for Guardian’s assessments comes in because many times the security staff and security managers have little incentive to provide their customer with the most valid and accurate security related information, based on the fact that they want to maintain the status-quo and continue to have their contract renewed every 2 years.

Guardian offers a much needed third party resource to evaluate current security personnel and procedures to ensure that businesses and property management companies are receiving the most accurate and reliable information necessary involving the security process.

The Guardian team is made up of individuals who have been a part of implementing and assessing security personnel and procedures for a combined fifteen years, in both the private and government sectors. Guardian Security Solutions offers a unique and innovative process to the security industry, drawing on years of experience and knowledge it allows its customers to receive a wide array of information about their security process and the most productive answers for implementing new procedures or improving current ones.

-Alex Belz, Owner  2.1.2016